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Hello! I’m delighted that you’re here. My mission is to nurture, empower, and transform the lives of women who are feeling stuck. I offer specialised counselling for bariatric support, weight management fertility, body image, emotional eating, postpartum and motherhood.

I am passionate about empowering women to RECLAIM their relationship with food, fight social stigma and embrace body positivity. Through telehealth 1:1 sessions, digital content and community groups I am determined to make women's mental health and body image resources available and accessible!


Hello! I am here for you if you are sick of yo-yo dieting. Sick of being judged for the choices you make for your body. Sick of being told there is a one solution fits all approach. I am here for you if you would like to make peace with your body, heal your relationship with food, unpack emotional eating and heal your relationship with yourself!

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Counselling & psychology is not always feasible but I believe everyone should have access to support. My online program provides access to ALL of the tools I provide in therapy in one easy downloadable package!


COMING SOON! Looking for an interactive space that provides mental health resources direct to your inbox each month? I'm SO excited to create a platform that will encompass ALL the work I do as a digital product in an online community.

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Mindset HACK!

A super simple yet super effective way to start exploring your relationship with food. Actionable steps you can take TODAY!

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International Women's Day

March 09, 20231 min read

“A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience.” - Naomi Wolf

...“When I think back over the dieting years and the rare moments I managed to force my body into looking like the ideal, I don't wish for that body back. I wish for that time back.” - Megan Jayne Crabbe

International Women's Day:

This year I woke to international women's day to many conflicting news articles, the main topic of conversation was around the gender pay gap. This led me to reflect on something I had read many years back in Megan Jayne Crabbe's bestselling book, Body Positive Power.

I'd like to invite you to ponder the notion that if you had invested as much time and energy into perusing your career as you have your ideal body. Where would your career be now?

Lets not just limit this train of thought to career & pay gap - literally start thinking about the amount of time you have spent with your brain focused on calories, exercise, body image, beauty standards, diets... if you were free of those thoughts, what would you have preferred to be thinking about? And what would be different for you today?

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